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And by good glitches I mean ones that get you more items and stuff like that a true trainer does not cheat but uses glitches

PS. I already know about the put the pokemon that evolve through trading up for trade then trade by searching then take it out and it will evolve

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A true trainer doesn't need to use glitches :p

There is one I heard about where if you move back and forth really quickly on the bike you can sometimes cause the maps to stop loading, it's just black. Now you can go riding into the darkness and go to anywhere like the island where Darkrai is and the field where Shaymin is, without needing the event items.

There's also one I saw the other day. If you give a pokemon with 1HP a Pomeg Berry, it will have -1HP. Then if you get hit, your HP keeps going down and down and when it gets to 0 it resets and goes down again. You can also battle using an egg. Apparently it works on Emerald and all later games. See this video:

i do glictches cuase i want to fill the pokedex
The thing where you break off the map is called the void glitch, and there are loads of requirements and steps and it takes on avrage 7 hours to do. Go on youtube and search void glitch if you still want to do it.
would that  - 1 HP thing work on Shedinja? Also, now that I am thinking about it, is there any way that someone could complete the pokedex by itself, like, without trading? In any of the several games in almost twenty years of Pokemon games?