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I have checked the full list of glitches in generation 5 on bulbapedia and these aren't on there:

  • When on random match up, on any mode ( I think ) and you have selected free, and a mini profile of you is on the touch screen, on the top screen, it says receiving data for a few seconds, then says searching for your opponent. If you tap the touch screen while it says receiving data, a message comes up that says an error occoured. Then you press A and it goes again from receiving data. I don't see how tapping the touch screen is an error, so this may be a glitch.

  • When you are on GTS and you offer a Pokemon, and it shows it's animated sprite and says " ........ will be sent to GTS" or whatever, and they fly away in a pokeball, once when I did it with a breeded Tepig, it showed the back sprite instead. With every other Pokemon I've done it with, it shows the front sprite. This may also be a glitch.

They aren't dangerous because nothing has happened to my game that is odd.
So are these glitches? Are they intended? Are they already discovered? Do they work with you?

EDIT: Now that WiFi for gen 4-5 has closed (I think) this no longer happenes, so there is no point in this question now.

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These are happening because the GTS,Dream World and online battling of Gen 5 was stopped since January 14.That's why it says 'An error has occurred" when you touch the screen and your Pokemon gets sent back..

Source: Bulbapedia

Hope I helped!

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My pokemon didn't get sent back, it just showed the wrong sprite when I was sending it.

Plus how come I can still use GTS and random matchup?
It showed the wrong sprite because GTS is off now and you can't use random matchup cuz Global link is offline. That's why it says an error has occurred when you touch the screen.
No its not how come I go on it all the time do you live in 2014 or are you a time traveller?
You're probably talking about the x and y global link.And you don't have to be mean y'know.
I'm not time travelling is epic.