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All you have to do is use fly the first turn, (of course you have to have better speed) and when slaking attacks it misses. when on the 2nd turn of fly, when you attack, the Slaking can't do anything because of it's Truant ability, then you can do it again, it's fool-proof.


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First off, I have to ask: Who the heck are you battling? Who uses Slaking?

But, if he's a major worry for you, the strategy you mentioned is one of three major strategies for taking out Slaking.

1 – Alternating Protect on the turns Slaking can attack and attacking on his Traunt turn.

2 – Flat-out OHKOing with a powerful Close Combat or Low Kick.

3 – Doing what you suggested; Dig/Dive/Fly on his attacking turn and striking on his Traunt turn.

Of the above methods, #2 is probably the best. However, the two-turn-attacking method works pretty well.

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