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All the answers I find apply to the DS and it doesn't seem to work for the 3DS

Have you tried changing the 3DS' clock?

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Simply go to settings (the wrench icon).
It will display a screen with four options (Parental controls, Data management, internet settings and Other settings).
Go to Other settings.
Go to Date and Time.
Click current time, and viola you can change your 3DS clock, once this is changed the time will appear different in your Platnium game.

Source: My own knowledge, and I just did it.

But beware that in-game events will not occur for 24hours after the change.

For the Nintendo Ds, go to the D's icon on the main screen below the GBA slot. Then time and date settings.
He asked about 3DS not The normal DS
I know, but this still good to answer for other people who need to know.