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Because I'm too lazy to get a Pokemon that knows Mean Look, False Swipe, and a Sleep-inducing move, I was wondering if I can (in Platinum) use a Scyther to wear down the wild Mesprit's HP through multiple encounters, and then try my luck at using a Bronzong holding a Quick Claw to Block it and use Hypnosis to put it to sleep so I can catch it. However, I'm worried about what exactly happens if the IV for HP decreases between encounters and I encounter the Mesprit with less than 1 HP. Will I encounter a glitch Pokemon?


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No they do not

I mean come on. Not like a different Mespirit shows up every time. And also experience from a bad natured Raikou.

Source: experience

Hope this helps!

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when I battled azelf, once it outspeeded my scyther, and another time it didn't, so apparently i encountered a different azelf.
One possibility was that they were both the same speed, which means its a random chance who goes first, or maybe your scyther lost speed EVs somehow
no, the first encounter the azelf always moved first, the second encounter my scyther always moved first.
First encounter your scyther probably didnt have many/any speed EVs, and it gained more for the next encounter
good point. I may need to reconsider that.