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No, the only state information that's stored about them is their species and level, what map they're currently on, how much HP they have left, and what their IV bytes should be (to ensure that HP total never results in them going over the maximum, for example, or prevents them from calibrating to yellow health next time when your previous encounter definitely brought it into red). There's no room to store PP counts.

If you really want to try to suss out what's going on, you can try to follow along with the logic at https://github.com/pret/pokecrystal/blob/master/engine/battle/core.asm#L8630

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How do you know this? Did you test it in-game or read the ROM or something?
thanks much i was trying to calculate how many more raikou roars i have to endure before i can catch it lol
well update i caught it it dident seem to use roar after 20 uses i cant conform 100 percent for certain as i had it asleep for most of the fight and caught it very quickly during this encounter but the explanation sounds legit cause why would it not recover hp but recover pp wouldent make very much sense
It doesn't make sense because it's Game Freak logic.