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First of all, this applies only for the Legendary Birds of X&Y.
Second of all, I know that you can only really BATTLE AND CATCH them on that island, the Sea Spirit's Den.

What I want to know is HOW to catch up to them in the field. It seems that their movement patterns are MUCH different than before, including the likelihood that they just jump to another part of the map.

Also, how many times does one need to encounter them in the field before they run to the Sea Spirit's Den?


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First, just find it out of nowhere, then after you find it, use your pokedex to find their locations(ruby, sapphire, emerald style). Then, after encountering them 12 times, they will be in the sea spirits den. (The bird depends on your starter)
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>You can track their location with the Pokédex. After they have run from you over a dozen times, they will go to the Sea Spirit's Den where you can finally battle them

So basically when you encounter them, look in your Pokedex and see where they are next. Also, do not fly to that location, as it will change. You need to bike or skate there in order for the bird to stay in that place.

Serebii - X&Y legendaries

That's no different to previous roaming legendaries. But it seems like my Bird doesn't change a Route when I do, and then randomly flies across the whole map when I go through a "route gatehouse".
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what I did, because when I tried to catch it by following it would randomly jump when I got close, was just pick a city and skate back and forth over the city threshold and the route next to it about 10 times and then checked my pokedex. I picked a city that you didn't have to go through the little room to transition to the route. eventually it just showed up in the route I was in and i'd find it and do it again. I think I used santalune city and route 4.