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Lets say ,meh, Raikou for example. In HG/SS, what is the ryhme or reason in where they go. And in B/W, Thunderus or Tornadus, where is the rythym behind where they go?

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First off, the roaming legendaries only move to a different route when you move to a different route through an outdoor path. If you go through doors to get to another route then they don't move, for example going through a "city gate" or a cave.

In my experience, when you switch routes "outdoors" they normally move to an adjacent route, but occasionally jump to a random place on the map. However, if you move into the route they are currently on (outdoors) then they always jump to a random place. Similarly, flying to whatever route they are on makes them jump to a random route.

So to encounter them you need to go back and forth between a route boundary until they have moved closer, then see if you can get to them via city gates or caves.

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Thank you pokemaster for clarifying my answer :) you should get BA
Ok. So they simply "run" when you come near and move when you change routes. Great thanks.
In HG/SS, they only stay on the "mainland" and on land-routes. Meaning They'll never show up on Routes 19, 20, 21, 40, 41, or 47. (I dunno about 27, though.)
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There isn't a pattern BUT they can only appear in certain routes
Source: experience

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Dude raikou and entei took me 4 hours and I only saw them in certain cities you can't argue with that
I think you need a better source. I once managed to almost gauge exaclty where they were going to go in Platinum. I think there is a sequence. (i.e. they might run to the next route you enter every other time you enter the route they are on)
I don't know...I did what you did in platinum and this is what I got
But then that means there is a pattern. What is it? If you can find a definite pattern please tell me.
Well I never saw an exact pattern just exact routes
Well, here's the deal with Roaming Legends:
They try their best to STAY AWAY FROM YOU.  You need to trick them into coming to you.