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I have seen a video on this and I didn't know if it could work. First, stand in a big area of grass with the roaming legendary in that route. Secondly, use pokeradar and go to the flashing patches. When you find a legendary, kill it and the chain starts and continue the chain. At the chain of 40, keep using the pokeradar until you find a shiny patch. It should be the shiny legendary you chained.
Pls tell me whether this will work. I'm in doubt. XD


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No. That has to be a hack, considering that if Azelf/ Cresselia faint, they will only reappear after beating the elite 4 again.

Shiny chaining only works for ordinary Pokemon.

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I'm just going to add an to what fondant said. You can only chain the pokemon that can only be found on the specific route