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I know what hoenn and sinnoh sound are and how to use them, but ive been playin sinnoh sound for a bout 30 minutes with nothing and I know its not thursday but I set the date back on my DS so it says its thursday in the game so it should be working. I wanted to know if its rare even with sinnoh sound playing or if I'm doing it wrong. Also I dnt know if its worth mentioning but the dj ben person says its thursday but doesnt say its the sinnoh sound. Ive noticed on other peoples videos he will say its hoenn sound or sinnoh sound but he just says "its thursday time to put your Pokemon to sleep with a soothing lullaby"


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You need to acquire the National Dex

Ok thank you i ask because i need a strong electric type in my line up and luxray is one of my favorites and i dont like cheating got any suggestions i only have my 7th badge
I don't remember if electrode was available in game, but I used him in my tournament team all the way until gen 6 when I replaced him with an Eelektross to counter popular mega evolutions and the inability to paralyze electric Pokemon. But yeah, in gen V and earlier, Electrode was the best electric type due to raw speed and useful coverage. Signal Beam, Thunderbolt, Thunderwave and Hidden Power Dragon or any with reliable coverage.