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I really want some Pokemon but the website says hoenn sound or sinnoh sound and I don't know what it means.

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That means they only appear when the PokéGear's radio is set for the musics with those names.
The musics are broadcast only in certain days, thought.
Hoenn Sound airs every Wednesday, Sinnoh Sound airs Thursdays.
You only have access to those sounds after the league.

Just go to the place where the Pokémon you want appears, bring out the radio and set it for the sound that's available at that day, then go around the grass. Once the battle is over, the sound will return to the default area sound, so you'll have to bring out the Gear again and set it up.

By the way, you set the radio to DJ Ben.
(Top Left radio station)
Yes, I forgot that one, thanks.