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I have a Soothe Bell on my Woobat, but are there any other ways to make your Pokemon happy in BW, like massages in the older games?


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These make Pokemon happy:

  • Friendship berries, obtained in the Dream World
  • Get a massage in castelia city
  • Use the drinks you get from the vending machines
  • Each 256 steps walked
  • Levelling up
  • The vitamins (this is my preferred method)
  • Challenging gym leaders and E4 does in gen IV but idk about b/w. it's not a very efficient method either because the happiness raise will be negated if the pokemon you're trying to make happy faints

Holding a Soothe Bell increases the effects of the above, and catching the Pokemon in a Luxury Ball also has a small effect.

Don't use those herbs that say they're bitter tasting - those lower happiness, as does fainting.

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You can...

Obtain friendship berries in the dreamwold
Get a massage in castelia city
Have the pokemon hold a soothe bell
leveling them up
using vitamins
walking around with it in your party
the drinks in vending machines

Hope this helps :)

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You can obtain friendship berries through the dream world,there is a lady in Castelia that does massages and thats pretty much what I know