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The bulbapedia page is a little confusing. It says it's based on the user's base attack. So if you were using for example Weavile, it has 120 base attack so would the power be 120/10 + 5 = 17? Or does it use Weavile's actual attack stat at that point, e.g. 300/10 + 5 = 35 from each Pokemon?

And what about the Pokemon on your team attacking? Does it use their base attack stats, or only the one who started Beat Up?

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It hits 1 time per every pokemon alive and with no status problems, it can recieve STAB from Dark types and uses the base attack of each pokemon, so yeah, 120 attack :P

My pokemon never die. They only faint.
I checked around a bit more. To be clear, the STAB only comes from the original Pokemon, not from any of the party. It basically works like the first Pokemon (say Weavile) hits several times.