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My team is
Zoroark, Starmie, Salamance, arcanine, Lucario, and Elektross

Should I add gengar instead of zoroark, or Flygon instead of Salamance?

Should I remove arcane.


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This is an opinion, but experience says Gengar. I'd keep Zoro, though. Arcanine is the weak link. Salamence outperforms Flygon, so you're solid there.

I base my statements on stats and experience.

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Should I switch out anyone else? What are good attacks on them because I'm pretty sure mine aren't that great
Lucario is your next weak point. Might want to consider Blaziken,  Scizor or maybe Aggron, who is much easier to train in gen 5 (the other two really need their Hidden abilities). No clue what moves you are using, so I can't help much there. I suggest playing around until you find good balance. There is an Eelektross move set in my profile that may help you.
thanks a lot
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