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I was hoping to find out what other switch-out moves there are besides the two listed above. I want to do a very gimmicky team focused around only using these types of moves. I am only asking for switch out moves that switch out the user, not moves that switch the opponent out.

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I think this question was asked already, but now I can't find it.
That one only asks for ones that deal damage and switch out-this asks for all switch-out moves

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All moves similar to Volt Switch and U-Turn are Flip Turn, Parting Shot, Teleport, and Baton Pass, these all work similarly to U-Turn and Volt Switch.

Flip Turn is a 60 Base Power Physical Water Move that works similar to U-Turn
Parting Shot is a Dark Type Status Move that lowers the targets Attack and Special Attack by 1
Teleport is a -1 priority move, the only use for this is to pass a Wish, or swap in a Pokemon with full health without it taking damage
And Baton Pass passes all stat changes, substitutes, and etc
Check Here to see everything passed onto a Pokemon with Baton Pass: https://pokemondb.net/move/baton-pass

I hope I helped!

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The moves that switch you out are as follows:

U-Turn (deals damage)

Volt Switch
(deals damage)

Flip Turn (deals damage)

Teleport (switches out with negative priority)

Parting Shot (lowers opponent’s attack and SpA and switches out)

Baton Pass (switches out and passes stat boosts and various other effects that your Pokémon has to the Pokémon you switch to)


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There are 6 Moves that switch the user out:

1) Baton Pass: Switches the user out, passing on all stat changes, substitutes, the effects of blocking moves and the healing effects of Ingrain and Aqua Ring

2) Flip Turn: 60 BP, Physical Water type Move

3) Parting Shot: Non- Damaging Dark-Type move, Lowers the target's Attack and Special Attack

4) Teleport: -1 Priority, Non- Damaging Psychic move that switches the user out in battles and ends wild battles

5) U-Turn: 70 BP, Physical Bug Move

6) Volt Switch: 70 BP, Special Electric Move

Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Category:Moves_that_switch_the_user_out

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There are more you missed. Baton Pass, it switches you out while passing your stat changes to the next Pokemon(status), Teleport, which switches you out at 1- priority(status), Flip Turn(60 base power), which is a water U-Turn, and Parting Shot, a move that makes you pivot out and lower the opponents attack and special attack. I forgot about the others, so I edited it.
Source: Experience

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You also missed teleport, flip turn, and maybe a few more.
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