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This question came up to my head but just wanted to ask this question. The only difference is that Volt Switch is special whereas U-Turn is Physical. This is for Sw/Sh competitve but you can also add other games as well.

What format?
It might be because Pokemons that learn Volt Switch aren't really good in Competitive battling
Prob because more Pokémon can learn U Turn?
For example, Pokémon like Landorus T and Yveltal can Learn U Turb but most Pokémon that can learn V Switch are Electric Types
There are many, many good Pokemon that learn Volt Switch. And low distribution doesn't explain why there are some special attackers, and indeed Electric types, that prefer to use U-Turn when given the option.

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Volt switch can be blocked, U turn can't. It is that simple. The point of those moves is to be able to remain a step ahead of your opponent as your Pokemon scares out theirs and if it's blocked then you lose that advantage

What do you mean by being "blocked"?
Ground-types are immune to Volt Switch, and nothing is immune to U-Turn. So U-Turn is the more reliable move.
That makes sense
To add on to this, I think more Pokémon seem to learn U-Turn