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A google search yielded less than savory results. Here is my present set-up for triples thus far.

Greninja - 100
Max ATK and SPD EVs
Item is irrelevant, but no choice items (maybe Quick Claw)
Mat Block
Shadow Sneak
Night Slash

No EVs
Shell Bell
Sand Storm

Max ATK and SPD EVs
Focus Sash
Swords Dance
Low Kick
Flare Blitz
Knock Off

Max ATK and SPD EVs
Extreme Speed
Dragon Dance
Brick Break

Now... I have ideas for the last two spote (Serperior and Eelektross come to mind), but I think I might do better to capitalize on the Mat block Potential.

I was thinking of using a LV 1 Magnemite at athe same time as the Aron and Greninja to get double the trouble. Maybe even a LV1 Ratata or Smeargle with FEAR builds, but I find myself looking more to capitalize on this. Perhaps a Wide Guard lead would collaborate well with Mat Block?

I generally switch my Greninja frequently to capitalize on multiple Mat Blocks when possible while rotating my Aron to safe spots and using protect to buy time.

Has anyone encountered any data that plays with Mat Block based teams? Or has anyone here used similar? I won 4 locals with just the 6 mentioned above, but in each, I always lost one match, usually to set ups. I don't have trouble with spike users, but Paralysis is murder.

What are the most effective ways to counter Status moves in Triples?

Teams aren't usually based around Mat Block per se, but instead Mat Block is included in the team later if the team suffers badly from status.Like, if you had 3 physical high speed attackers, they'd suffer badly from burns and paralysing. So you'd include something like Greninja or Salabye or Espeon or discourage status. It's difficult to build a team around a concept most people add onto other concepts, hence why there are so few good examples or resources about it.
The problem is, All of the combos work around a Mat block Lead, so this is a Mat block based team
If you want to counter Status moves, Prankster Crafty Shield from Klefki or a Prankster Taunt from Sableye , Murkrow, Thundurus, etc. should do the trick.
Didn't even think of taunt or Klefki. Crafty Shield
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Alrighty, so you want a way to stop status moves. My good friend Klefki has the unique combination of the extremely useful Prankster ability as well as its signature move, Crafty Shield. Crafty Shield blocks all low-priority status moves coming at your party (Will-o-Wisp, Hypnosis Embargo, etc.) However, it is important to note that it will not block status moves from faster Prankster Pokémon (Thundurus, Liepard).

To stop your opponent's setup moves like Dragon Dance or Geomancy, Taunt or Encore from a Prankster user should do the trick. Taunt will prevent them from setting up at all and has the added bonus of stopping all status moves. Encore is arguably just as useful, as it renders the opponent completely useless as they continue to set up, not being able to attack. This forces them to either switch out, or sit there as you take advantage of their immobilization.

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Crafty shield, mat block, endeavor
Protect, switch (eject button pokemon) protect
Crafty shield, mat block, endeavor
Protect, switch (u turn), protect
Crafty shield, u turn, endeavor

Ive pretty much consistently taken out 3 out of 6 Pokemon and only taken damage on 2. The everything that isn't klefki or aron basically uses extreme speed or similar to finish off the three. I might work in a Pokemon to force Pokemon to target it with attacks now. Thanks for the help. Lol, I can't believe I neglected klefki. Thanks for writing it as an answer.
You're welcome :) It's important not to forget your keys.