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I have never really used rock types, so I want to know if they are worth it.

I have used tyranitar, though and I have used ground types
Tyranitar is a pretty good rock type.
I only use tyranitar for a sandstorm team

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Grass, water, steel, ground, and fighting types are all super effective against rock types, leaving them quite vulnerable.
They are good against bug, fire, ice, and flying. If you need a pokemon to greatly damage these types, a rock type is a good choice. They usually have high defences. Some good rock types could be Rhyperior, or Archeops (Archeops has low defence, but high attack and speed). I do not know whether you need a rock type on your team, since I do not know what pokemon are in it. Hope this will help you!

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I was going to take Archeops or Aerodactyl
Archeops can only be found in Black or White.
The rock types are here: http://pokemondb.net/type/rock
I was going from that page in your link when writing my answer.