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Should I use Crustle or is it better to use Carracosta for black 2.

Here's the move set I planned for Crustle: Slash, bug bite, x-scissor, rock slide. I want to use Crustle because it looks powerful and because I don't want to use up my water type spot on my team for Carracosta.

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How did you get carracosta? Isn't that post-game only?

Also, what's the rest of your team?
Any Pokemon can do the main game just fine.
You can use Crustle, but the moveset needs upgrading. Maybe x-scissor, rock slide, earthquake and shadow claw.

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I'd say use Crustle! Used one myself and it is really fun. It has pretty poor speed but makes up for it with pretty good Defence and Attack stats. I'd probably change up the moves if I were you. My final move set as far as I can remember was X-Sissor (STAB), Poison Jab, Bug Bite (STAB) and Rock-Wrecker (STAB). Plus I like his design, I think it looks pretty cool.

I don’t think it needs poison jab since grass is already covered by x-scissor.