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It is like that for every other gen previously, why not gen 6? Does Zygarde get no love!?


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We don't know anything other than the names of the next games and Magearna. There is no definitive answer to this question. You'll have to wait for more information. Sorry :(

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ok, but Zygarde still needs love.
> says the guy with a crying Zygarde for his picture.
You know that is disco, not me right?
Zygarde needs love. 1 like = 1 prayer.
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No it does not mean there will be no Z.

If it does Zygarde will have love.It was promoted in the anime.New Zygarde forms are released.
I think there will be a Pokemon Z.

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I know this was asked two years ago, and we have four new games since then, but no, there will probably be no Pokémon Z, since we already have sequels to Sun and Moon, and it's more or less confirmed (but not officially yet) that Pokémon on the Switch will be Generation 8.