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I as this because in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire they had mega Camurupt and Mega Sharpedo. They were the respective pok'emon of each leader (Archie and Maxie) . In the original they had normal Camurept and Sharpedo and now they have Megas. If you look at the logos it looks like a form of Lunatone and Solrock in Sun and Moon. thats sun.
enter image description here and thats moon.

Thx 4 any help and answers!
PS: Sorry for the difference in size of the images

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We don't know yet, but that would be pretty cool

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Nobody knows

The only thing we've got on Sun and Moon are a trailer, a logo, and a couple of names. It's impossible to say for sure.

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i kinda hope they use the pokemon that evolve with those stones, and for there to finally be a poison legendary