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In showdown, sometimes even when my Pokemon speed is higher the opponent Pokemon speed, the opponent sometimes still get to move first.
i was just wondering if physical is faster than special( and/or status) or is it the other way around.

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Neither, the type of move does not affect the speed at which it is used. Physical, Special and Status moves all depend on the user's speed, so none of them goes first or last.

If your opponent is going first, then he simply has to have more speed than you. Maybe he has a speed boost or you have a speed drop, or he's using an item like Choice Scarf. Or he could be using a priority move, like Aqua Jet or Bullet Punch. There's also the possibility of Trick Room, where the slower Pokemon moves first.

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The ability Prankster is also relevant.  It increases the priority of Status moves for that Pokemon, thereby moving before Pokemon that are otherwise faster.