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Not as an individual Pokemon, but five different Pokemon with different types. I have noticed I normally choose grass, fire, water, electric and flying when I play through the Pokemon games, wit hmy 6th slot being an HM slave, but which 5 have the most coverage in attack and defense?

I know that seven attack types can be super effective against any type, but I don't know much about defenses or coverage for type combinations. In case you're curious, the seven types are ground, fighting, ice, flying, ghost/dark, electric/grass, and poison/steel.
I'm not asking which types are super effective against all types, just which ones have the most coverage.
What is your definition of "coverage"?

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A possible three to build a team around is:
A water type that learns both ice and electric attacks(eg. Starmie lanturn lapras)
A ground earthquaker (I stand by garchomp, but there are many others)
A fighting and/or steel type (........lucario of course or mega mawile or other fighting or steel types you like)
Then you can add any other Pokemon of your choice while keeping this as your foundation.

The theory behind this combo:
The hard hitting ground type ie garchomp is your main powerful physical attacker. However it has a major Achilles heel; it's weakness to ice type Pokemon and water types that can learn ice moves. You can teach it a rock move to take out ice Pokemon but a solid water type comes along with an ice move and your stuck. That's where your electric attacking water Pokemon shines.

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Fire Grass Ground Rock Fairy
Super effective vs. 158 of the type combinations, only neutral vs. 13, and resisted by none.