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I mean, I have a Flareon that knows all Beauty moves, but everytime Brooke enters, she always wins. Someone give me advice!


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Here's a rough guide so to speak maybe something was missed in the way you've prepared yourself.

  • 1 - make the best Poffin, start out slowly, increase speed when the flame color changes, and stir as fast as you can when the flames turn blue. The rarer the berry, the better the poffin the better results after right..

  • 2 - you're Pokemon has a limit to poffins, it can wear items also to increase its beauty standing and specific moves do have higher tier ratings. Try using

[email protected] Scarf
-Sunny Day
-Hyper Beam

That was my assumption on a flareon but views differ.

Items add to the beauty mark aswell apparently its like a hidden gauage point.
Even though Ive been using:
[email protected]'s Rock
-Will O' Wisp
- Fire Spin
-Sunny Day
Thats what I have been using.