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I have five Pokemon in my team, none of which are electric types. I need a good one! Here is my current team:
Dig, False swipe, stone edge, dragon claw
surf, dive, waterfall, crunch
Sky uppercut, blaze kick, strength, brave bird
Rock smash, seed bomb, sky uppercut, cut
toxic, venoshock, air slash, fly

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If you are just playing through, I would recomend Manetric/Elektrike because of their high speed and special attack. If you are competitive, Rotom-Wash seems good to me.

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I finished the Delta Episode recently and I want an awesome team. I'm also thinking about Zekrom, but is he worth it?
Zekrom's definetly worth it, and you could also get Thunderus-T, who has pretty high special attack, And it has volt absorb, which takes away the electric weakness, so he's good as well.
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I recommend a Jolteon if you can get an Eevee, but otherwise use an Electric/Manectric. Manectric also has a mega evolution, so that is a bonus along with its really good speed/special attack stat.

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