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so far i've been breeding scythers to get one with good ivs, all have been adamant natured with either swarm or technician as their abilities. I've so far only bred two scythers that have had 5 perfect ivs however one doesn't have perfect ivs in HP and the other doesn't have perfect ivs in Defense, they are both outstanding potential but I dunno if I should keep trying to get one with 5 ivs in every stat except special attack or whether to choose one of the two I have, so whats better on Scizor/scyther, HP or defense?


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Defence, without a doubt.

Scizor's defence is through the roof and almost as high as his attack stat. You should definitely breed for defence, to make a bulky sweeper. I've played Monotype and unless you have a fire type around, a mono steel with Scizor is almost unstoppable.

If you want both HP and Defence on your super duper Scizor of doom...

Breed the two Scythers together. It will fill the empty boxes of defence and HP, while also abiding to the gene pool, which, if you don't know, means if two people share a gene and have a baby, the gene has a higher chance of being in the baby. This is terrible when you delve in the world of human genetics, due to consequences of inbreeding (King Charles of Spain, my point exactly) but in Pokemon this is how you get your result. See, if an IV is shared, it passes down more smoothly, so you'll have a higher chance of having a Scyther with Defence and HP and alllll the other stats you need.

In case they are of the same sex...

Breed them with another Pokemon until the said Pokemon and your Scyther produces a baby of the opposite sex of the father/mother that has all his/her IVs, and assuming the two Scythers come from the same mother, breed that daughter/son with her/his uncle/aunt, Yes, it's a little incest-ish. (Is that a word? It is now.) though it will help you with your breeding to fill in the gaps.

Hope I helped.

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Thank you, this has helped. the scyther i mentioned early that was female and had 5 max ivs except HP and had the swarm ability well i bred it again and i got a male version with the same nature and max ivs in all stats except HP but this time it had the technician ability instead of swarm. I don't think i will get too much better than this plus i don't have to waste 200BP on changing its ability so i might as well use this one and train  it. Thanks for the advice :)