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Electrode w/ HA aftermath, uses explosion b


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No, I believe you're confused as to the mechanics of Aftermath. Here's the DB's definition.

>If an attacker faints a Pokémon with Aftermath using a contact move, the attacker will lose 1⁄4 of their maximum HP.

If Electrode uses Explosion, it will not trigger Aftermath because Aftermath only works if the opponent KOs you, and only with a contact move like Mach Punch or Zen Headbutt or Dig.

Alright. I was just curious.  I'm trying to set up a team with an electrode in it, and I was just seeing if the ability static or HA aftermath would be better.  I already knew the basics of aftermath, as far as the opponent has to use a physical move, but I just didn't know if that would work or not.  Thanks!
No problem :)