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I'm in the middle of the Curtis/Yancy quest in Pokemon White 2, and I'm curious to know: If I trade for Curtis' Ralts, can the Ralts have a chance of being shiny? And when I do eventually trade, can I save the game BEFORE I trade, and if it's not a shiny, can I restart and will the chance change? Hard question to understand but hopefully you know what I mean.



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Unfotunately, Pokemon obtained from in-game trades cannot be shiny. Their stats and values are predetermined and set. This does not include Pokemon that are gifted to you, such as the starters. It is possible to soft reset and get a shiny starter Pokemon.

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So I can't get a male Ralts if it's a female? If it's a female will it be set that way forever, even if I reset?
Gender and nature are still random, I believe.
Awesome! Thanks for all of your help!