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Also the other trades you can do.

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A Pokemon's shinyness is determined the moment it's generated (along with it's IVs, Nature and other characteristics), like when you encounter it in tall grass or via interaction (legendaries).
Pokemon that you trade for in-game always have the same pre-set values. In Gigalith's case we know it will always have an Adamant nature, therefor we know that it's stats are randomly generated when you trade for it.

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But stats don't cause shinyness...

Also how come it is not on shiny locked Pokemon????

I think i need slightly more proof.
The stats dont determine if it's shiny, some other extremely complicated formula does, but i said it's determined ALONG with it's stats. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Shiny
So basically it is shiny locked?
On that article, under gen V, it never said anything under in game trades unabel to be shiny
It's not that it's shiny locked, it's that you get the same "version" of Gigalith every time, that isn't shiny and has an Adamant nature.
So evrer sinlge time you get a shineless gigilath?