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I breeded a level 17 nidoran with a ditto and the resulting Pokemon from the egg that hatched was the exact same as the level 17 nidoran parent: Yes this means it hatched at level 17. Nature, moveset was all the same except for some of the attack stats and hp. Glitch? Any help is appreciated, thanks! All my Pokemon caught are legit. Im just worried if this will affect my game in any negative way. Thanks.

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Glitches do occur naturally in the game, but this is an obvious alteration in your games code and there are hackers who comb the files looking for weaknesses in the code allowing them to hack Pokemon and other things into the game. Even if YOU play legitimately, any trading you do via the GTS is still able to affect the game itself depending in the potential brokenness of any hacked Pokemon's code. Game cards do not hold up well and you can completely scramble digital copies, even with a single hacked Pokemon. If you've done any trading and find any Pokemon received to be off just a little, give up on the save file. The transient data of a save file is the easiest to corrupt, and as long as you catch any hacking early on you can eliminate the threat by deleting the save file, leaving the hacked Pokemon alone. Don't handle them, moving, putting them in parties, releasing them, etc., all seem to have negative effects on the games. Just rescue your own Pokemon via trade or easiest Pokemon bank and delete the files. Report to the Pokemon company and Nintendo, they are putting in effort to eliminate hacked Pokemon trading thru Wonder Trade and other outlets, but the challenge is that it's hard to tell less obvious hacks from ordinary Pokemon. Pokemon bank filters are more powerful than wonder trade, so if a Pokemon is rejected, get rid of it ASAP. Sadly, this is a huge pain for any pokefan...

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Um, as for others experiencing glitching like that, I have had a game card scrambled before by a hacked Shaymin. Breeding, hatching and fishing Pokemon mechanics seem to be the first things to begin bugging, so you've caught it early enough.
I have looked at multiple websites and they all say that hacked Pokemon canot harm your game unless you hack them yourself. There is a very high chance that I have at one point had a hacked Pokemon, (And probably still do) nothing weird has happened to me.
Hey thanks for all your opinions guys! For the record, yes I believe I have traded on the G TS with receiving potentially hacked Pokemon and have also traded up from White via Poketransporter into Bank and then into X potentially hacked pokemon as well ( I found a used Pokemon Black card with a shiny mew and other pokemon that I intially traded to White). However, I myself have never used Poswersaves or hacked pokemon myself. As far all the potentially hacked pokemon from that one Black card and GTS that I potentially have, I recently went into my in game PC and wherever I have pokemon stored (Bank, Ditto in DayCare, etc.) and sifted through all my pokemon and released any that didn't belong to me as the original trainer. Since then and even currently I have breed a few hundred of pokemon of different species. Thus, I'm wondering what your opinion is on my original post. The nidoran (parent with a Ditto) I got the egg from was an original that I caught in game and the resulting cloning egg was the first time that has ever happened to me. The rest of the time I have always gotten a level 1 pokemon from breeding like it should be. One detail I might add is that with the cloned nidoran egg, that was the first time I ever received an egg from the day care and left it in my party for two days. After two days I came back to my game, booted it up and then took the steps to hatch it (usually I always hatch my eggs right away). So I don't know if that could have potentially affected the resulting cloning glitch in any way. Of course I am a tad worried about my game and I don't want it corrupted and am just trying to scope out opinions on if my game is okay. Like Mega_Septile says though, I believe I have also looked at multiple websites that say hacked pokemon can't harm my game if you are not the one generating the hacks but to SneaselSnow's point I have read a few blogs where people say that it has been a fact that their games have been affected by other peoples hacked pokemon form trading via GTS. Is it entirely possible the cloning glitch that happened in my game was a result of just something silly with the game itself and not the result of any hacks? Of course it could be hacks based on my trading history and importing pokemon that I described form White and Black- I know it is impossible to tell for sure but just throwing that question out there since I have over 500hours on my pokemon x and would preferably not want to start over just because I am a little worried (but not too much) about my game data. I'll also mention that I have never experienced any other glitches or anything else "weird" before in my game. My original post was the first post I have ever made in any Pokemon related forums. I appreciate all your comments guys
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It's a glitch, all hatched Pokemon should come at level 1. It looks minor now, but I think you'll want to look into it before it gets out of hand in the future.

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Thanks, yeah I'm aware pokemon should come in at level 1. I guess I should have articulated and asked if anyone else has experienced the same thing and if it has had any negative effects on their game. It's no big deal, I'm gonna release the pokemon just in case. When you say it gets out of hand in the future, do you have any specifics around that or are you just saying to watch out for anything else weird?