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i just recently found out that IV's can cause major differences in all stats
my pikachu in platinum had 200+ HP at just above level 60 and my pikachu in fire red has just 168 HP at level 79, shocking and also its defensively poor and is of serious nature.
now I'm going to start platinum all over again and I will catch pikachu by Pokemon modifier cheat at level 10, 11 or 12 and I want to make sure it has good HP at that level so what is the best HP for such levels for a pikachu?
no breeding suggestions please


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Assuming I'm understanding the question right:

The most IVs a Pokémon can have in a stat is 31. Therefore, if you want a Pikachu with the highest possible HP stat at levels 10, 11, or 12, you'll want to catch one with 31 HP IVs. Here are the HP stats of 31 IV Pikachu at the three specified levels:

Level 10 — 30
Level 11 — 32
Level 12 — 34

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"spook" can you also lay down the defence and special defence levels for 31 IVs or which are a good sign that these both stats will increase by good numbers?
Level 10 — 16 Def, 18 SpD
Level 11 — 17 Def, 19 SpD
Level 12 — 18 Def, 20 SpD