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I had a Dusclops with Confuse Ray and Attract, and I was wondering what the chance of the opponent attacking would be if it is infatuated and confused at the same time? I saw that confusion leaves the target a 50% chance of attacking and read the same for Infatuation.

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A Pokémon that is infatuated cannot attack 50% of the time
The confused condition causes a Pokémon to hurt itself in its confusion 50% of the time.

Short answer: No
Long math answer: No because these two variables will act independently of one-another. The infatuation would trigger, with a 50% chance to allow you to move on. After that the confusion would take place, leaving you with another 50% chance. Because math, this means you have a 1/4 (or %25) chance of hitting through. Essentially this is a 50% chance of 50% so 25%. Still pretty hax, but not hax enough.

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Nice answer! Hmm.. would confusion + infatuation + paralyzation be a  1 in 16 chance to attack? (1/4 x 1/4)
The % chance to not attack while paralyzed would further compound, yes.
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