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I want to have every Pokémon with a mega, but can't find a Pidgeot

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Pidgeot can not be obtained in the wild in any part of Hoenn, sadly, but the Safari Zone in Kiloude City is an exception. If this is not an option, Pidgeotto can be found at the Safari Zone. If you are very determined to get one of these and want to catch a Pidgey, even Pidgeys, like Pidgeots, cannot be found in the wild. My advice is to just use GTS because finding a Pidgeot Friends Safari is an arduous task. Good luck to you.

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You have to encounter a Pokémon first for you to be able to trade for it in the GTS
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No, but you can find Pidgeottos in the safari zone after you caught or defeated Groudon/Kyogre through the pokeradar.

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