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Ok, guys, I am trying to get Gary Oaks team. Even with his Pokemon's movesets! But, I only have XY, and it doesn't look like there is any way to get a Sky Attack Pidgeot in my game. PLEASE HELP ME!!!


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Unfortunately not, as Pidgeot only learns sky attack via TM (generation one only) or Move Tutor (which you could do in ORAS, but not XY). Fortunately, as you can obtain one in ORAS easily by talking to a Move Tutor, you could trade for one.

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But he doesn't have a copy of ORAS so rip the Gary oak team
Actually I do. I have alpha sapphire. Sorry I replied so late, I forgot about this question.
It's okay. Have fun with the Gary Oak team!
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In XY, you can't. However, there is a way you can get Sky Attack on Pidgeot on XY. If you have RBY on virtual console, and you have a Pidgeot in that game and teach it Sky Attack, then transfer it back to XY.

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"You could also transfer your Pidgeot to USUM, teach Sky Attack there, then transfer it back to XY."

 ...No you can't. Pokemon put in Bank then taken out to another gen can't go back to the original game.
Oh I didn't know.