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I also would like to know if the nature of a Pokemon is passed through the male. I am trying to breed a Gyarados with either an adamant or jolly nature, but I have a male Gyarados of a modest nature. Can anyone give me some suggestions on how to breed this Gyarados?



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Moves can only get passed down by the parents if they are Egg moves, and Magikarp doesn't have any Egg moves so no, it will not have the same moves as your Gyarados.

The nature of a Pokémon is completely random unless you go to catch a Ditto or Magikarp with the right nature and give the female Magikarp/Gyarados or a Ditto an everstone to hold. The everstone makes it so there's a 50% chance of the female/ditto passing down its nature to the hatchlings. (This was changed in BW2 to make it so that the male Pokémon can also pass down natures, and its a 100% chance of it getting passed down)

There are two things you can do:
-Keep hatching Magikarps and hope you hatch one with the right nature, it shouldn't take too long.
-Catch a female Magikarp/Gyarados or a Ditto with the right nature and give it an everstone to hold, so then you can have as many good-natured Karps as you want!

Sources: Magikarp and Everstone.

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Your best bet for finding the right nature for Magikarp would be the good ol' Old Rod, or Good Rod.

Do not waste time breeding a Magikarp. It is easy enough to cast the rod into any body of water and reel in a Magikarp.

As for natures, absolutely go with Adamant. There is no need to lower any stat of Gyarados's besides his Special Attack. He is strong enough to take the first hit if the opponent is faster. He has a high Special Defense and the Intimidate ability will already lower the foe's attack by one stage.