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Okay, so after I have beat the Elite 4, the Professor upgraded my Pokédex to National, then I went around to catch some legendary Pokémons ( I used some cheats for enabling events), but after I caught Ho-oh I checked the Pokédex for it I realized the National Pokédex is gone!
Someone said that I have to have 200 Pokémons in my Pokédex, but I had already seen all the 202 Pokémons. The person also said that it might be a glitch and I have to trade with FireRed/LeafGreen to solve the problem, but I can't even trade the Pokéons that do not exist in Hoenn Pokédex. Can someone help please? I really want the National Pokédex to trade with my friend.

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Your cheats might have affected it
If your National Dex is gone, then your cheating device/method probably borked something.
If you used cheats, then maybe you could use cheats to get back...? Idk because the game might think you still have it so it might not work. Worth a shot.
Oh...... when I saw the question I was going to say you should complete your Regional Dex to unlock the National Dex, but I guess that isn't how it works in Emerald. It was probably just your cheats.

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Your cheats probably affected it. Find and use a cheat to get it, no other solution if you can't trade with FRLG