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I have the 100 Pokemon required for the Zigzagoon and I would like it to have an Adamant nature, however how exactly do I soft reset for the Adamant nature?

What generation are you trying to do this in?
Pokemon Box was in the 3rd generation, so 3rd gen.
Alright. I wanted to be sure before I research
It's either you have to make sure that the first Pokemon in the box has synchronize or is holding an everstone. I forget which one, though.
Why not just post that as an answer .-. It makes no sense to have it as a comment.
Synchronize doesn't have the effect on nature's in Ruby or Sapphire, and it doesn't work on eggs anyway. Also, this egg is a gift, so an everstone wouldn't do anything.
Thanks for all the responses guys. I assume I'll just have to save beforehand.

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Unfortunately, you are going to have trouble with this one. The nature is determined at the time the Zigzagoon is generated. You need to receive the egg without saving and then hatch it. If it is Adamant... cool. If not, you need to reset, then redo the Pokebox. It is a hassle.

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Thanks for the help!