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So while I was breeding in AS I had one Pokemon to hold an everstone and the other a power item but the offsprings didn't have the desired iv.Am I doing something wrong or the chance is not 100%?

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From Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver onward, if they are held by either parent in the Pokémon Day Care, that parent passes down its IV in that respective stat; HP for Power Weight, Attack for Power Bracer, and so on.

Are you sure that you are looking at the correct IV? Attack IV for Power Bracer, HP for Power Weight, etc.


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Well to be sure I am going to try again  right now but thanks for the answer
So I tried again and didn't get what I wanted so I'll explain the situation
I have a female Gligar which I bred and it has Immunity and I am breeding it with a Japanese Ditto.So Ditto is Impish and it holds an everstone and Gligar holds a Power Band to pass it's Special Defence IV but the none of the offsprings have a Special Defence Iv.Maybe Gligar's Sp.Def Iv isn't perfect and it is simply its best stat?
So I tried again but now I reversed the items  since both parents have a perfect IV in Sp.Def and I got what I wanted which means that maybe when breeding with a Ditto the Ditto should hold the power item?
Sounds like the Gligar is not a perfect 31 in SpDef.
That's what I thought so the IV checker will tell you the best stat even if it is not perfect?Didn't know that
Yes.  His first statement evaluates the combined total of all the Pokemon's IVs.  Certain ranges correlate to the different things he says (Outstanding is the best).  He will then pick out one or more specific stats, and then will make a statement about them (...can't be beat! means it's a 31).  After that, he may or may not pick out some more stats, and say something negative about them.  If he does, those stats are zeros.  Useful for Trick Room teams, and if you don't want to minimize confusion self damage for a SpSweeper or Sp leaning Tank/Stall.
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