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I got power band from plasma frigate
power anklet from petill trade
power lens from a girl in route 14
where I can get the reset.
any other location rather then PWT (i Know THAt)


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Power Weight - Route 4
Power Bracer - Only found in the PWT
Power Belt - Plasma Frigate (W2)

Hope I helped!

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You cannot get all of them unless you have also White2. Anyway here are the locations:
Macho Brace: Nimbasa City, eastern gate (gift)
Power Weight (+HP): Route 4 White2 only (in-game trade, attached to the Pokémon)
Power Bracer (+Atk): can't be found
Power Belt (+Def): Plasme Frigate White2 only (pokeball)
Power Lens (+SAtk): can't be found
Power Band (+SDef): Plasme Frigate Black2 only (pokeball)
Power Anklet (+Speed): Route 4 Black2 only (in-game trade, attached to the Pokémon)
Source: http://nuggetbridge.com/blogs/entry/113-ev-training-hot-spots-in-black-2-white-2/