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• Okay so, say I give a Dratini Power Weight (HP+4) and I'm EV training in Union Cave, with Woopers and Quagsires (HP).
So, I put the Dratini (oh yeah, also it has Pokerus) in front of my party to battle with whatever I encounter.

Say I encounter a Quagsire (2HP EVs), and switch to a stronger Pokemon to kill it, instead of Dratini killing. Since my Dratini was still in battle, but didn't kill it while holding the Power Weight, will I gain:
• 2 + 4 x 2 = {12}
• 2 x 2 = {4}

Basically, will I gain te Power Item EVs if I switch Pokemon?
If so, this would be much more quicker than Exp. Share. ~

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Okay than, this is an old question, but I've finally figured it out myself.
Let's say you are EV training a Pokemon, while holding a Power Item.
If an encounter begins, switch Pokemon the first turn not doing anything to something else.
If you KO the Pokemon with the one you switched into, than the Pokemon with the Power Item will receive the EVs.

As long as a Pokemon gets experience, it can get EVs.

I just wanted everyone to know that this method works (I've tried it out myself)
And is a much more faster way to EV train low level Pokemon than with Exp. Share.

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No. If the Pokemon holding the given item does not defeat the Pokemon, it does not get the boost.

As for using a Pokemon with an EV booster and putting an Exp. Share on a Pokemon, if the Pokemon with the EV booster defeats the opposing Pokemon, it gets the boost, while the Exp. Share holder gets whatever it would normally get.

Without the Pokemon holding an EV booster, a Pokemon with an Exp. Share will still get whatever it would normally get.

To Summarize - Exp. Share training is just like training a regular Pokemon, no held items or anything, in battle, other than the fact that it's not doing the battling. The EV boost holder must be the one to defeat the opposing Pokemon.

Is that what you mean? That's certainly what I pulled out of it.