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Just double checking.

Killing a Greedent (for example) yields 2 EVs in HP. Pokerus doubles EV gain. Power Items let you gain an extra 8 EVs.

With Pokerus and Power Item (in this case, the Power Weight), killing a Greedent yields:
(2 + 8) x 2 -- making it 20 EVs per Greedent?
Or is it...
(2 x 2) + 8 -- making it 12 EVs per Greedent?

Or am I wrong on both accounts because my brain hates math?
I barely graduated high-school, don't judge me ¯/(ツ)


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The EVs granted by Power items are doubled by the effect of Pokérus.

So, when knocking out a Greedent, you will get (2 + 8) x 2 = 20 HP EVs, to my understanding. I think this is correct, someone please tell me if I’m mistaken.

Hope this helps! :)


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