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This is going to be a bit long winded.. Basically I'm from Australia and so my games are PAL, my DS is PAL and I've just bought a 3DS which is PAL. I'm looking on eBay to find fire red but I can only find USA versions, will this work on my DS and will I be able to use it with my PAL Diamond?
I'm also looking to buy Platinum/SoulSilver/White from eBay as I can't find them anywhere in Australia so will they have to be PAL to work on my consoles or does it matter if they are USA? I'm very desperate and can't find any direct answers, thanks for your time

Isn't region locking purely for Mystery Gift and tournaments?
im not sure mate, i thought games and consoles had to be from the same region
Nintendo enforces region locks on their latest systems and cites varying "cultural acceptance and legal restrictions" as their reasoning. I'm confident that DS games are not among those that have these locks, but I've never attempted to run an NTSC game on my system before to verify that.

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The Game Boy and Nintendo DS product lines do not use regional lockouts for physically distributed games

It will work as the GBA and the DS do not check for specific regions when deciding if the cartridge is compatible or not.

Hope I helped!