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It has hammer arm, Mach punch, poison jab, and thunderpunch. I can't get iron fist cuz I play black 2 and I have no one to trade with so it will remain a gurdurr. It's ok tho it will hold an eviolite

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Sheer force is more likely to become useful, unless you give it a flame orb, which would take away its HP.

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I've heard other competitive users say that sheer force is the better choice on Gurdurr and Conkeldurr, and I agree. Especially since you'll be using an eviolite, I would use sheer force instead of guts because you'd have to have your opponent use status moves on your gurdurr for it to activate, which, if a status move fails to land, your opponent will know what you're trying to do and prevent it.

You should also be aware that sheer force will only boost poison jab and thunder punch. Priority and moves that lower your own stats are not changed by sheer force. I'd recommend changing hammer arm to something stronger such as superpower, since your stats are lowered anyway. Superpower is unaffected by sheer force though as well, so it all comes down to individual choice.

Good luck.

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