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Alright, so the title doesn't make any sense I know. But what I mean is which Pokemon could have the highest speed stat and so on for each stat. Items and natures count


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Highest HP Stat: Blissey at Base 255.
Highest Attack Stat: Mega-Mewtwo-X at Base 190.
Highest Defense Stat: Mega-Aggron, Mega-Steelix, and Shuckle at Base 230.
Highest Special Attack Stat: Mega-Mewtwo-Y at Base 194.
Highest Special Defense Stat: Shuckle at Base 230.
Highest Speed Stat: Deoxys-Speed form at Base 180.

Highest Base Stat Total: Mega-Rayquaza, Mega-Mewtwo-X, and Mega-Mewtwo-Y.

Source. Click New Team, then Add Pokemon, then below the search bar, on the blue line, will be buttons to search for the Pokemon with the highest stat on the right hand side.