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So before I beat the Elite 4 I could purchase all the alternative Pokéballs, like timer, quick, nest, etc. But since I can't get them anywhere. I finished the Delta episode and beaten the elite 4 again. Still no other Pokéballs aside from the normal 3 types. Can anyone help me out?


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In ORAS, the "extra" balls are scattered around in multiple shops around the region. In no particular order:

Fallarbor Town:

  • Quick Ball
  • Dusk Ball
  • Dive Ball

Verdanturf Town:

  • Heal Ball
  • Luxury Ball
  • Nest Ball

Rustboro City:

  • Net Ball
  • Repeat Ball
  • Timer Ball
You're not understanding me. I've bought the balls before. They are no longer being sold in any pokemarts in the game for me. I know which city sells which balls. But they are no longer being sold.
So after I defeated the elite four, no balls are sold aside the 3 standard balls.
check the other shop keeper the one on right or top
Yeah, iirc the bottom shop keeper sold the three standard balls. The other guy sells the different kind of pokeballs you're looking for. If this guy does not sell them, your game might've been changed in some way, in which case, we can't help you.