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For example, Grookey in a Heal Ball, Sobble in an Ultra Ball, etc.

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Do you mean by breeding?

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The Galar starters are given to you as a gift at the start of Sword and Shield, in a standard PokeBall. Because they cannot be caught in the wild or in Max Raids, you cannot capture them in a ball other than a PokeBall.

If you're trying to breed a different ball onto a Galar starter, that too is impossible. If you're breeding with Ditto, the non-Ditto Pokemon will pass down the Ball -- in the starters' case, this will always be a PokeBall. If you breed a female starter with another Pokemon in the Egg Group, the female is the one to pass down the ball, meaning the offspring will be a Galarian starter... in another PokeBall.

As of now, it's impossible to have a Galarian starter in anything except a PokeBall. This could change in the future, however, and there is a precedent: Alolan starters were made available in Max Raid battles in these games, allowing them to be caught in other balls for the first time.

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I didn't mention that because you would have to use two Galarian starters (say Cinderace) for that scenario. If you bred two Cinderace, which can both only be in Pokeballs, what ball is the offspring going to have?
Oh yeah, didn't pay attention to the "same species", whoops.