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I'm going to compete in the Pokemon video game series, so would it be worth it to get both games? I have white version.
and I have two DS systems, one normal DS light and another DS with a broken top screen, so I could transfer Pokemon from game to game.

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Well, It's really a matter of money. I would think most people aren't gonna go for the full pokedex anymore because there are like 500+ pokemon now, so trading to fill the pokedex is definately worth 35$ if your THAT hardcore. but If your battling competitively I wouldn't say that it's worth 35$. Just ask your friend to borrow their game if they have b/w, that way you can use theirs on the extra DS. To sweeten the deal for them, let them do the same with yours

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I only have one friend that is in to Pokemon, and he doesn't have Pokemon Black or White.
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It's all about what you think really, if you are fine throwing 35$ away, then why not?

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