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Im on oras using a rhyperior that I trained my self no cheats used


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In super training, you would notice 3 things:
-> The small turquoise shape in the middle
-> The yellow bars outside of that
-> The overall hexagon

The aqua shape is supposed to be the Pokemon's base stats. You can check it out yourself, compare a legendary's shape to a much weaker Pokemon.

The yellow bars are believed to represent EV's - or so I think.

The hexagon I believe is just a guideline to show where each of the stats are placed. If a Pokemon is fully EV trained with a high base stat, it is possible it will exceed the hexagon. (Such as shuckle fully EV trained in defenses).

Hope I helped! :)

My guy is outside the overall hexagon so I don't know what that means
If it is possible, try to show me a picture, because I still believe it's because of max super training