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I read somewhere that if you have a Pokemon as well as several others with multitude Egg Moves that they're available to teach all Pokemon of that species and evolution chain via the ORAS move reminder. I'm thinking of moving my Event Entei with Extreme Speed to ORAS, but I'd like to know if I could then be able to teach all the Entei I have. I'd rather keep Entei as a pokedex fill for older games if this would be inapplicable, so I'm asking before I move it.


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No, the move will only be able to be relearned by that specific event. If this weren't the case, non-shiny Enteis could use Extreme Speed, but they cannot.

Say you received the event Rayquaza with V-create and replaced it with Snore for some reason. You can go to the move re-learner and he should be able to reteach that move to the Pokemon. But if you caught the Rayquaza that you find in the story of the ORAS game, then it would not be able to re-learn V-create because it never learned it in the first place.

I hope this helps you. :)

Thanks for the help, didn't want to commit a mistake I couldn't reverse.