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I want to evolve my tepig and oshawott but in the 5th gym its flying and hell become fighting and for oshawott I want him to learn better moves early so what should I do but I am aware theyll become stronger

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Dont worry about the type disadvantages because once you evolve them they will become a lot more stronger and maybe you'll have to work harder for getting some moves but so what .
And for the fifth gym don't worry you'll get many good pokemon on the way that will assist you.

So I say evolve them when they are supposed to.

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Ill do it when they get to level 33 as I want them to learn moves
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You should evolve them because tepig become fire and fighting, so thatll help later. Oshowatt is ur call

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Well Oshawott's type won't change when it becomes Dewott but it's stats will change.